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PhD subjects of Doctoral School SVSAE 2020 proposed and applications procedures

Publié le 8 avril 2020 Mis à jour le 3 juillet 2020

PhD Subjects ANR and applications procedures /Offre de contrats doctoraux ANR

The application files for the ED SVSAE competition must be submitted to Rita Bouzaboune, before September 7, 2020, 12 p.m., latest deadline.
Sujet 1 :
Sujet 2 :


Phd subjects of Doctoral School SVSAE 2020 proposed and applications procedures


Applications for the SVSAE ED competition must be submitted to Rita Bouzaboune edsvsae.drv@uca.fr, before September 7, 2020, 12:00 noon, last deadline.

Thesis topics proposed:
To apply, please download the application file. 

Laboratoire Microorganismes : Génome et Environnement, (LMGE)

Title 1 : Enterovirus tropism to peripheral blood leukocyte cells and mechanisms involved in the crossing the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier 
Title 2 : Fate and effects of plastics contamination in river ecosystems
Title 3 : Search for new biomarkers of exposure or effect of phytosanitary products by an ecotoxicogenomic approach: study from field to the consumer's fork. 
Title 4 : Combined effects of thermal variability and nutritional constraints on aquatic ecosystem function
Title 5 : Methanogenesis and Pyl-system of human gut archaea (Methanomassiliicoccales): comparative multi -omics analysis
Title 6 : Deciphering the main vehicles of the antibiotic resistance genes in the environments: role of the phages and membrane vesicles.
Title 7 : Validation of new polyphenol-based treatments against bee nosemosis and deciphering of the mechanism of action
Title 8 : Unicellular eukaryotes: The dark side of the microbial world
Title 9 : Study of non-coding RNAs roles in microsporidian host-parasite interaction.
Title 10: Classification, diversity and distribution of viruses of microbes on Earth
Title 11: Restoration of bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics in complex bacterial communities


Imagerie Moléculaire et Stratégies Théranostiques, (IMOST)

Title 1 : Role of the immune infiltrate in the response to treatment in head and neck cancers.
Title 2 : To engineer a system to activate and to 3D-culture human ovarian follicles
Title 3 : Preclinical in vitro and in vivo assessment of a nanotheranostic tool targeting EGFR in breast cancer
Title 4 : Targeted radionuclide therapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors for the management of metastatic melanoma


Institut de Génétique Reproduction et Développement (iGRED)

Title 1: Study of transposable elements control by non-coding RNA during development
Title 2: Carney complex ovarian lesions, PKA and plasticity of ovarian identity
Title 3: Impact of cholesterol-dependent metabolic stress on metastatic spread in a preclinical model of prostate cancer.
Title 4: Impacts of chromatin context on the repair of DNA double-strand breaks.
Title 5: Identification of the molecular mechanisms leading to the transgenerational effects of exposure to bile acids.
Title 6 : In vitro and in vivo differentiation of stem cells into extraembryonic endoderm
Title 7: Environmental pollutants such as phthalates and premature rupture of the fetal membranes (PROM).
Title 8: Characterization of the seed-specific histone variant H2B.8 comprising an atypical protein structure
Title 9: Alterations of the post-testicular sperm maturation: epigenetic consequences.

Unité de Nutrition Humaine (UNH)

Title 1 : Study of the effects of oleoylethanolamide (OEA) on muscle atrophy in vivo and in vitro
Title 2 : Prevention of sarcopenia during physiopathological states by omega 3 fatty acids
 Title 3: Caractérisation de la radioprotection induite par le sérum d’ours hibernant sur des cellules humaines. Implications sur l’exposition aux rayonnements cosmiques.
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Institut Pascal (IP)

Title 1 : Design of a multi-catalytic enzyme reactor for the deconstruction of polysaccharides and the generation of functional poly- and oligosaccharides
Title 2 : Exploring the diversity of red marine microalgae for the production of exopolysaccharides.


Laboratoire des Adaptations Métaboliques à l'Exercice en conditions Physiologique et Pathologique, (AME2P)

Title 1 : Effect of body mass on the energy cost of human locomotion: an anti-gravity treadmill study


Génétique, Diversité et Ecophysiologie des Céréales (GDEC)

Title 1 : Functional characterization and validation of molecular actors in the transcriptional regulation of wheat grain storage proteins 
Title 2 : Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) and the response of cultivated wheat to heat stress. 



Physique et Physiologie Intégratives de l'Arbre en environnement Fluctuant (PIAF)

Title 1 : Contribution of tree water stocks to survival mechanisms in situations of severe drought.
Title 2 : Study of the dynamics of the transcriptional response of Black Poplar to water deficiency
Title 3 : Thesis topic: Mechanisms underlying autotropic curvature of secondary growing organs
Title 4 : Impacts of radiation and temperature heterogeneity within the leaf crown on foliar nitrogen allocation


Microbiologie, Environnement Digestif et Santé (MEDIS)

 Title 1 : Formulation of probiotic by innovative encapsulation systems for therapeutic purposes
 Title 2 : Impact of diet pollutants on the human gut microbiota
 Title 3 : Multiparticulate drug dosage form to improve oral bioavailability of peptide/protein drugs


Microbes, Intestin, Inflammation et Susceptibilité de l'Hôte (M2ISH)

 Title 1 : Impact of pollutants on pathogenic Escherichia coli colonization involved in intestinal chronic diseases
 Title 2 : Impact of bacterial mucin proteases on intestinal microbial communities.
 Title 3 : Adaptive immune response to Crohn’s disease associated adherent invasive E. coli
 Title 4 : Study of the mechanisms of pathogenic Escherichia coli bacteria intracellular persistence in enterocytes: impact on intestinal pathophysiology.


Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont (LPC)

 Title 1 : Maintenance of human mitochondrial DNA: a single-molecule study


 Applications will be analysed on the basis of an audition


In accordance with the Internal Rules of the ED SVSAE, to be able to apply, all candidates must have obtained a Master 2 with at least an AB mention (12 average) and must be in the first half of the ranking of their Master 2.

The board will meet on 08 September 2020 at 14:00 to select the candidates. It will be carried out on the basis of the results (M2 in its entirety: average and ranking, S3 of the Master's degree, and even, if necessary to decide between candidates, previous results of M1 and Bachelor's degrees).

The auditions of the candidates will take place on 14, 15 and 16 September 2020.

The audition will be based on the presentation of a bibliographical analysis of their Master 2 subject. Only one slide will be accepted at the end of the presentation describing the candidate's motivations and the adequacy of the candidate's skills with the future thesis topic.